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We help you evaluate all aspects of your IT delivery organization including system architecture, technologies, processes, and people practices and chart-out an incremental transformation plan. While we introduce new practices and processes, we ensure that your existing best practices are retained and improved. We look at the best practices from all angles - Scrum, SAFe, LeSS, Kanban, and customize them appropriately for a seamless implementation. We also ensure that the transformation is properly owned, measured, and managed by stakeholders so that it’s sustainable after the mission and continuously improved by the customers. View Enterprise Agile Transformation Road-Map


The Agile Advantage 

The Transformation Journey

Transformation Foundation

  • Initial Assessment

  • Transformation Vision and Objectives

  • Design Initial Transformation Roadmap

  • Educate Stakeholders, Gain Buy-in

  • Standup Agile Champions team

  • Build Backlog for Upcoming Iterations

Pilot Agile

  • Initial executive and leadership team education on Agile

  • Design, Identify, train and standup pilot teams

  • Active Agile Coaching (Backlog, Release Planning, Velocity & Tracking)

  • Engage and educate business customers

  • Prove success, gain buy-in, measure outcomes

  • Begin to develop Agile Toolkit (roles, processes..)

  • Focus Champions team on impediment removal

  • Standup initial CoP

  • Initial Agile Leadership, Collaboration, Facilitation transformation activities

  • Initial technical assessment and transformation roadmap


Scale to Several Teams

  • Educate leadership and gain buy-in for scaling

  • Design and Standup several teams for a specific program or by department/area

  • Apply Agile practices for program management

  • Begin Education on Agile Portfolio Management

  • Roll out training, education, coaching across the teams

  • Roll out intermediate deep-dive agile training, soft skills and servant leadership

  • Company-wide communication

  • Design and Execute Organization change management plan

  • Launch Agile learning portal and internal training programs

  • Launch more CoPs

  • Execute technical transformation


Enterprise Transformation

  • Educate leadership and gain buy in for enterprise transformation

  • Design and standup the enterprise leadership triangle and initiate their process cadence

  • Design and Standup stable teams across the enterprise

  • Stabilize CoPs

  • Apply Agile to HR performance reviews, hiring, education/training, culture transformation

  • Apply Agile to Finance budgeting and planning processes

  • Apply Agile to Legal vendor contracts

  • Support the Compliance/Audit department's understanding of Agile

  • Execute enterprise technology transformation roadmap

  • 'Make it Stick' Plan