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We recruit unemployed graduates and assesses them in order to match graduates to internship opportunities. Following this, they are placed in a participating institution for an internship. Through this internship, graduates build workplace experience and develop relationships with employers, all of which is intended to improve employability and retention. The intern is either employed by the institution in a permanent position or rotated to another potential employer.

App Development and Innovation Hub

Our focus for this hub is coming up with demand-driven mobile applications for the latest devices and platforms.

We offer quality mobile applications for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile 8. We aim to be  accredited through Google, Blackberry and Apple and are part of their development programs. Our experts ensure the extensibility and availability of your mobile application across all platforms.

Engage with our team of project leaders and analysts to help you understand your project requirements and lead you forward through consultation and technical expertise to deliver mobile applications that exceed your expectations.

We are experts in backend integration and development for mobile applications. To complete your mobile application, we can also develop and deploy applications into the relevant app stores.


We have recently launched the Information Technology Business Learnership Programme (ITBLP). This Learnership provides talented youngsters from the previously disadvantaged communities with advanced Information and Communication Technology training.We would like to invite you – as employees to share this information with possible candidates. This will not only enable us to capitalize on the vast amount of untapped talent in the Information Technology market, but it also indicates our contribution to skills development in the country.  


Software Development Innovation and Research Centre

Participants will be part of a year-long leadership development program that will help you bridge the gap between the academic and business worlds. You will participate in action-learning projects that will stimulate innovative thinking and develop your leadership potential.

You will also be encouraged to take initiative and work in a team to deliver value-adding solutions to real-time industry projects. This software skills development and innovation hub will close the skills gap in software design, development, competency and mobile application design. We ultimately aim to attract like-minded developers, content producers and businesses to a space that will support homegrown innovation. Tablets and smartphones are just the tip of an enormous iceberg in terms of innovative digital devices.