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Our Unique Coaching Approach

We have seen how,  time and again, IT projects fail due to requirements change, misunderstandings, lack of product engineering skills, and most of all, the disconnected way in which projects get executed by outsourced teams working in silos following dated software building methods. But we work differently!

Our expertise in modern agile engineering practices and continuous delivery makes the whole software building process such an amazing journey – all the way from product vision through continuous deployment. We are also expert consultants and agile evangelists to small and large enterprises when they look to adopt agility in their own IT setups.

Our technologies through our sister company Go-Data Technologies are tailor-made to support the best agile methodologies.

At The Agile Transformation Group, we are committed to maintaining a culture of integrity, diversity and strong business ethics.

Our business principles are:

  • Client First
  • Agility Teamwork
  • Innovation 
  • Equal Opportunities


    Have Fun!

Our Approach

We takes a holistic approach to your Agile transformation to enable you to plan, execute, monitor, and evolve your organization’s ability to deliver value. Our agile transformations practices are aligned to smart city innovations

Our Thinking

We strive to maintain a cutting edge in our thinking that draws from a wide variety of fields crucial to successful organizational implementation of Agile, including leadership development, organization culture studies, professional coaching, Integral theory and practice, transformational education, organization development (OD), complexity sciences, professional facilitation, many others.


We focus on key business drivers to implement comprehensive organizational readiness assessment and desired outcomes that result in an Agile Transformation Roadmap


Initial training/quickstart followed by coaching/player-coaching.


Robust metrics and reporting capability along with maturity assessments of individual teams as well as complete programs


We continuously improve in all aspects of development and promote agility in non-development functions such as HR, Finance and Facilities

Scaling an Agile Transformation for the enterprise can be done in many ways depending on the need.

  • Are the teams largely independent of each other?

  • Is inter-team collaboration critical?

  • How do you involve distributed teams or offshore development?

  • How do team and organizational roles change when you scale?

  • How do we change the organization’s culture to adapt and adopt the transformation?

  • How will our teams work with the non-Agile world?

  • What metrics should I collect? What do they mean? How will we measure progress?

  • What about governance & compliance?

These are just some of the many questions we address when Agile Transformations occur at the enterprise level. Our Agile coaches are experienced and certified with actual working models that enhance team productivity when teams are not geographically co-located. We leverage the Agile Framework as a publicly available and proven framework to build a strong foundation for your Enterprise transformation.

Lastly to guide you through the transformation process, The Agile Transformation Group employs a unique engagement model that provides the right level of involvement and oversight at both the strategic and tactical level to ensure a successful transformation.

Some people are natural helpers, and people gravitate to them to discuss their challenges and concerns. If you are one of those people, if you always want to improve your interpersonal skills to be as helpful as possible to others, then you have the potential of becoming a coach. A coach is a safe, non-judgmental, empathetic professional who helps his clients sort out their options and determine their best course of action in challenging and complicated circumstances. Come to us, become a coach and support others in the challenges they encounter in their lives.



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