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Delivery Pod Model

Posted 8/26/2014

The Delivery Pod Model is a virtual organizational structure that defines how different types of work is managed, teams are structured, and people are assigned. It is based on the following set of principles:


  • Cross-functional teams that deliver end-to-end functionality
  • Teams are business facing
  • Reduces coordination and communication across teams
  • Places decision making at the local level of the team and business client
  • Enables localized improvement

A conceptual view of a delivery pod is provided below:























Delivery pods are responsible for servicing a common backlog of work. It is recommended that the common backlog is aligned to a set of common business customers such as line of business (LOB). This provides a cohesive set of work and enables a single point of authority for prioritization across all work since it is bound to a LOB. It is important to note the pod is not responsible for a project, but it is responsible for all work that enters the queues.

The delivery pod may consist of multiple teams, where each team is a dynamic set-up of individuals formed to complete a set of focused work. Typically projects will require one or more teams to be formed within a pod while enhancements and support work will not. Teams within pods may be formed or reformed depending on the needs of the work.