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We will not just map out your company’s adoption strategy and plan, but we will work with and mentor your team on an ongoing basis to be sure the adoption and socialization process is successful. Whether your company is attempting to implement an Agile / Scrum software development Framework for the first time, or you want to simply improve and refine your current Agile / Scrum practices, our team has the proven expertise and tools to lead and facilitate your success.

Statistics indicate that Agile project delivery offers better IT engagement (72%) to respond to changing business demands and reduced IT costs (also 65%) for the business.


Suddenly, businesses are faced with complex dilemmas. How can they compete in a world where their customers place less emphasis on physical products and more on the total experience?  How can we adjust marketing from driving consumer behavior to responding to it? How can they adapt business models in context of the customers’ world? – a world that’s increasingly dependent and driven by digital technology.


 The short answer is of course software, but the problem is our approach to delivering it just isn’t suitable in a wicked business world – why?

Well its simple – we keep working on the assumption that we understand the problems we’re trying to solve, when in fact we don’t understand the problems of our customers at all – that is, until we have a solution.

Whether your company is attempting to adopt agile for your organization for the first time, implement an Agile/Scrum software development framework, or you want to simply improve and refine your current Agile/Scrum practices, our team has the proven expertise and tools to lead and facilitate your success.


 We Offer Agile and Scrum Training in the following areas:

  • Agile & Scrum
  • Agile Project Management
  • Succeeding with Agile
  • Scrum Repair Guide
  • Agile Estimation & Planning
  • Better User Stories

When it comes to SCRUM we provide scrum master and team mentoring as well as staff augmentation scrum masters, depending on the needs of your program and skills of your existing staff.  Our agile transformation approach focuses on the key imperatives for successful agile transformation of enterprise-scale application development organizations.








Our coaching methods create a global benchmark in agile capability, which lets you master the how, not just the why. It introduces the fundamental concepts, and delivers practical, real-world skills and knowledge to ensure agile project success back in the workplace.

The pressure to increase organizational agility, the need to scale, management misunderstanding of Agile philosophy, many more roles than the basic three, team conflict and resistance; all these add up to a more difficult environment in which to coach.

The target audience is you, peers that you work with or have worked with, ScrumMasters, anybody with potential to be coaches, good ScrumMasters.



  Service 01: Project Resourcing

  Service 02: Agile Transformation Road Map

  Service 03: Consulting and Outsourcing

  Service 04: Coaching

  Service 05: Go Data Technologies